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Nature is a real treasure trove for medicinal drugs. Compounds harboring pharmacological activities have been invented in all kingdoms of live ever since. Hence, the chance to detect a natural product, which might become the lead structure to cure patients in the future, is out there. We aim to identify new natural products and to investigate in detail the biochemical reactions underlying the biosynthesis of these molecules.

The knowledge gained in basic research about biosynthesis builds the basis for the application in synthetic biology. This will enable us to design new molecules with desired features and to create sustainable sources of rare bioactive compounds.

In our group, the search for new natural products is currently focused on bacterial specialized metabolites showing antibiotic activity. New antibiotics are urgently needed, due to the fact that improper antibiotic use led to rapid resistance development.  We aim to approach under-investigated habitats in the search for new drug leads. To achieve this goal a combination of micro and molecular biology, natural product chemistry, and bioinformatics is applied.



2017-03-15 The Solar-powered Slug made it to the final five! 
Elysia  Have a look on the awesome video:
2016-12-01 The Thematic Series on “Natural products in synthesis and biosynthesis II” with the editor Jeroen S. Dickschat is complete. There are also two reviews included which were contributed by our institute.
Have a look: QR code
2016-10-17 New semester. We start with two new PhD students. Welcome Zerlina and Riyanti!  null
2016-09-26 Our new paper "Discovery of a Mosaic-Like Biosynthetic Assembly Line with a Decarboxylative Off-Loading Mechanism through a Combination of Genome Mining and Imaging" is online. in Angewandte Chemie International Edition
and in the German edition
2016-08-15 Just returned from our field trip in North Sulawesi. New mutually beneficial collaboration between Polnustar Politeknik Negeri Nusa Utara, Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, and University of Bonn.
...and some great dives. Click to enlarge and to watch the video. Sangihe2016_1 Sangihe2016_2 Sangihe2016_3
2016-04-12 Travel to Peru for our collaboration project with Universidad Nacional de Trujillo.
That´s the way a progress report should be announced:  Peru2016

EuroMarine Workshop in Naples   Neapel2016

Snowy Irsee...Prof. König, Till and Raphael participated at the "Irseer Naturstofftage 2016"   Irsee16

Carnival ;)   Carnival
2016-02-01 Welcome Katja!
Katja joins the group as a senior postdoc and will strengthen our power in the Indobio-Team.

Many greetings from the DZIF and DGI joint annual meeting! Three Bavarian Musketeers
2015-11-01 Welome Max!
Max joined our group for some weeks. He will be helping us and will implement new methods in the lab.
2015-10-02 The paper "Insights into Structure–Activity Relationships of Bacterial RNA Polymerase Inhibiting Corallopyronin Derivatives" is online.



All scientists (from AG Schäberle, AG König, AG Wägele + Indonesian partners from UNSRAT) returned safely from the field trip in North Sulawesi. Check out the fun pics!

Indo 2015 Bild1.jpg       Indo 2015 Bild2.jpg

Our paper “Structural basis of head to head polyketide fusion by CorB” is online.!divAbstract

We started the project
"Caracterización genética de las especies mixobacteriales y la caracterización de sus potenciales biomóleculas antibióticas" by sampling in Peru.
Peru1 Expos Final
2015-04-22 We won the “Innovationspreis 2015 der BioRegionen” with our corallopyronin A (CorA) patent. CorA as anthelmintic - Natural product as antibiotic for the treatment of filariasis (Dirofilariasis as well as Human filariasis) Innovationspreis
2015-04-09 Online article from the Deutschen Welle, refering to the BMBF press release (pics from Chromodoris willani, and from Till and Medy (working at UNSRAT in Manado) snorkling in Lembeh Strait)
2015-04-08 BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) press release about the initiative "Identifikation und Nutzung in Indonesien natürlich vorkommender Substanzen für die Arzneimittelentwicklung“
2015-01-30 Till gave a radio interview about teixobactin (in German),audio231192.html
2015-01-23 German television (RTL) is shooting a teixobactin TV special
2015-01-07 The teixobactin paper is available in Nature. The article has generated quite a buzz!
2014-12-01 Luis and Till were granted a three year cooperation project with the University of Trujillo (Peru) and the University of Campinas (Brazil)
2014-11-18 Till can be watched in 3sat nano (broadcasted: 2014-11-18, 18:30)
2014-10-04 We won the poster price in Dresden at the international VAAM workshop “Biology of natural product-producing microorganisms”
2014-05-22 Our corallopyronin A patent was selected for the final 3 of „ZukunftErfindenNRW: Der HochschulWettbewerb“. 
2014-04-07 Ingrid and Till´s publication in Trends in Microbiology was mentioned in many press releases (Uni Bonn press release, And has a video abstract: